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  • 23:54 Pub trivia victory! Big brains is us!

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July 30 2010, 14:52:05 UTC 7 years ago

I think you missed a big chance with essentials. Powers are the coolest concept to enter D&D, and are essentially what 4e is about--the powers & the game balance.

Essentials should have had basic class templates including power selection. So, give rogues 2 at-wills, their encounter, and their daily. Then have a level chart up to 5? with the powers pre-selected. Have great expository text on how the powers interact with the fighter. "Before using this, you'll want to flank the enemy, so you have combat advantage, which gives you this bonus", etc.

Instead of showing people what makes powers so cool, you're dumbing down the system in an apologist response to people who hate 4e "because it's WoW".
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