Mearls (mearls) wrote,

Another Reason Why Indie Games Thrive

Hardcore gamers are, by their nature, collectors. They want to buy new stuff, particularly new RPGs. Yet, RPGs (as opposed to supplements) are really punishing to the collector. It takes a while to read and digest a modern RPG, much less play it.

In contrast, you can read the typical indie RPG in less than an evening and play it the next night. In that 3 or 4 hour session, you can experience everything that's cool about the game. Next month or week, you can pull out a new indie title and repeat the process.

I think this is part of the reason why RPG mid-tier publishers have been hammered in the past few years. The collector/reader/experimenter end of the market, the guys who buy lots and lots of new games, are much better served by the indie end of the market. They get a lot more enjoyment out of those games, since they can actually play them and get all the cool bits out of them, in a few sessions.

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