Mearls (mearls) wrote,

Crossbow Feats

I bought a crossbow-toting guy in my latest round of Reaper purchases. I also like using the exploding-arrow-shooting bow in Gears of War (which I finally got to sit down and really play today; snow days are fun!). So, here are some crossbow feats.

Reactive Shot
Your trigger finger reacts faster than your mind.
Prerequisites:Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (any crossbow)
Benefit:When you roll for initiative while carrying a loaded crossbow, treat the d20 initiative roll as your attack roll with your crossbow. You automatically target the closest, visible opponent. If no foes are in sight you do not attack.

Covering Fire
Your accurate fire prevents opponents from threatening your allies.
Prerequisites:Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (any crossbow)
Benefit:As an immediate action in response to an opponent's movement or attack, you may fire your crossbow at that opponent. If your shot hits the foe suffers a –10 ft. penalty to speed or a –2 penalty on his next attack, depending on the action that triggered your attack.

Armor Piercer
By taking careful aim, you send a shot between your foe's armored plates.
Prerequisites:base attack +4, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (any crossbow)
Benefit:If you spend a move action to take careful aim at an opponent, the next crossbow shot you take during the rest of your turn is a ranged touch attack.

Improved Armor Piercer
When you take careful aim with your crossbow, you make a deadly attack.
Prerequisites:base attack +6, Armor Piercer
Benefit:When you use your Armor Piercer feat, your crossbow deals extra damage based on your base attack bonus. The die used for this extra damage is the standard damage die used for your crossbow. For example, a light crossbow grants additional d8s for damage.
Attack Bonus +6 - +10: +1 die
Attack Bonus +11 - +15: +2 dice
Attack Bonus +16 - +20: +3 dice
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