Mearls (mearls) wrote,

I Like Playing Rogues

I'm playing D&D right now. This is happening. We tried to sneak into the bad guy's house. I even sacrificed a perfect sniper position to help back the group's bluff at the front door. Alas, as happens all too often in RPGs, our stealthy and bluff plan ended in bloodshed. Luckily, while the rest of the party mixes it up on the staircase, I'm in the bad guy's bedroom searching for the maps we're here for.

Ok, time to start killin' suckas; my initiative just came up. Wish me luck!

Edit @ 11:49 PM PST: Scored a crit with blinding barrage. Ordered Chris Tulach's death save to be a 20, which of course it did. So far, so good.

Edit @ 12:07 AM PST: Bad guys taken down, everyone has headed home. Time to sleep the sleep of victory.
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