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By now, you've heard the big GenCon news: Catalyst Labs released a new BattleTech boxed set, a new scenario pack, and a new sourcebook for Shadowrun!

Oh yeah, and we finally announced 4e.

(The Catalyst stuff is super awesome - full color interior printing, 24 different plastic 'mechs in the box, very cool. The scenario pack is also 100% awesome. The only drawback to the boxed set is the maps. They're printing on poster quality paper, and mine were folded poorly. Still, not a big deal. The miniatures and book quality more than make up for it.)

Rather than ramble on about the con, I'll point to my convention blog and a video interview I did, along with the latest podcast episode in which Dave and I talk a bit about 4e:

Video Interview -
Podcast -
GenCon Blog -

Never say that I don't give you enough stuff to keep you busy at work.
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