Mearls (mearls) wrote,

My Chair, Your Butt

Man, I've been too busy to mention this here, but I've moved over from the development team to the mechanics design team. Anyway, if you want to sit your ass in the very chair I've occupied for the past 22 months, go ahead and apply for my old job. My old desk in the dev pit has a nice, scenic view of the pit's northeast corner. It really is quite lovely.

In addition to all the wordy gunk on that page about job requirements, here are a few unofficial ones:

* You have to have Monday nights free so you can play in my D&D game. Unless you're a total spaz, in which case you can play in Logan's campaign.
* You should probably start painting a Warmachine and/or Hordes and/or Warhammer and/or 40k army/armies.
* Invest in a four door car.

And no, you can't have my posters, the MiniMates on my PC (Booster Gold, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Deathstroke), or the box of D&D minis under my desk. They're coming with me over to the mechanics pit.
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