Mearls (mearls) wrote,

Back from GenCon

I think GenCon is necessary for any game designer. The positive energy it generates offsets the low-level but persistently negative energy generated by the Internet.

I think that the only people who care about 4e rumors are people who fabricate and report such rumors.

I think that if you tabulated total RPG sales per booth at the show, the Forge booth/IPR would have come in third behind WotC and WW. It's interesting to watch Ron Edwards's predictions from 1999 slowly come to pass.

I think it's terrible that on Friday night, kabael ate about one onion ring from his midnight dinner before he had to run off and deal with a flooding anime room. Or something.

Bought: Rezolution, two Flip-Mats, a bunch of Reaper minis, Ptolus, DCC campaign setting and the $2 module, a few DCC miniatures, Agon, Shab al-Hiri Roach, Burning Empires, Mechaton, initiative tracking board.

Played: D&D (several times), Agon, Dark Pages, Jungle Speed, Warmachine, Rezolution, Warlord.

Helped Invent: Fight Battle 2D Galactic Combat.

Redeveloped: Beholder.

Watched: An 8 year old kid score three straight crits to kill the Gargantuan black dragon; Derek's friend who hadn't played D&D in years and rolled something like 5 straight 20s; the little girl who critted her dad's girallon on the first roll of the DDM demo I ran.

Awed By: The awesome volunteers who made the D&D Open into an incredible event; the guys behind the Maxminis 70+ person, 10 PM Saturday night DDM tournament; 400+ people in the Dreamblade tournament.
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